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Hair Extensions Methods

Micro Rings / Mini Tips

No Glue , sewing or braids involved , Damage free , Easily Installed & removed


These can be worn for 3 months ,You will need a refit every 3 months & a check up on your own hair & a trim, if you correctly maintain with our Glitz Hair care range you can have them reinstalled up to another 2 to 3 times as this hair is cuticle intact which means it's cuticles are all in tact, this means no matting & shedding like standard extensions , swimming & Gym friendly for Ladies on the go.

Installation Info - 2 to 5 hrs - Micro Tubes - Micro rings - Mini Tips

A small section of your hair is gently pulled through a special micro ring threader which places the Micro ring/or Mini ring around the section of hair, which is the same ratio of thickness as the pre tipped Extension, the pre tipped extension is inserted inside & then clamped securely flat.

With small pliers , this gives a flawless & Natural undetectable natural finish & look.

L A Weave - Micro Ring weave

This is a quick & easy application method for ladies on the Go & with busy lifestyles

LA weave is a technique that is used to apply wefted hair extensions using Micro rings instead of traditional cornrows that can cause damage , this method gives a more natural flatter finish , great for adding volume & length

Installation info - 1 to 2 hrs

Micro rings are installed Horizontally from ear to ear 1" apart , to your hair to form a track which will have the wefted double drawn hair sewn on to them , you can have 1 track for volume 2 for volume & length or 3 for a full head look ,

Durability - these can be worn for 4 to 6 wks depending on your hair type , these will need refitting using the same cuticle intact double drawn wefts that can last up to one yr if correctly maintained with Our Glitz hair care products

Removal is easily done with all the above methods by re clamping the rings in the opposite direction which reopens them up releasing the hair inside , they will just slide of your own hair with ease.

Tape hair extensions

Pre tapped hair extensions - these are pieces of special tape with hair inside that come in various sizes to suite your requirements these are placed either side of a small section of your hair which are then firmly pressed together , these are then lightly pressed with hair straighteners to activate the tape to stick together , these lay completely flat & are loved by a listers & celebs.

Duration of application

1- 3 hrs these can last 2 months before a refit

ultrasonic cold fusion on request just call or message for info